❤ 025

hi! firstly, i'd like to say happy (late) holidays to all of you and that i hope your new year starts off great! one of my new year's resolutions is to start making more icons of people you guys actually care about, haha! in the meantime, please bear with this kind of shitty post.

29 icons including akb48, u-kiss, fahrenheit, kyary pamyu pamyu, smosh (mostly anthony), superfly, etc.

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this is just a message to let you guys know that, no, we are not dead, and yes, we are still going to continue making icons. both of us have started school recently and i've been having a lot of computer trouble. needless to say, things have been hectic for the two of us so icon posts are not going to be frequent but they will happen.

so, until then! =)

❤ 021

41 icons (various kpop, jiro wang, gyarus)

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❤ 018

i've been having some trouble with some of my icons being removed by tinypic. i didn't want to do this, but i'm going to have to ask you guys not to hotlink my icons so that they aren't removed.

44 icons.

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❤ 015

this is kind of a meh batch so i wanted to post it quickly.
48 icons.

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